Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blue fingers

I've heard of a "green thumb" but blue fingers?  LOL that is me today. I did NOT make a single card, but I did wake up at 3am with a sentiment I'm going to use on a BDD challenge. Stay tune for that.
blue fingers

Back to my blue might ask, "how did she get those?". Well, I went shopping with my sister at Michaels (psst, never shop with my sis, she isn't one to say "you don't need that", she says "ya that's cute, get it and this one and that one"...oops I spent too much) and they had stamps for a dollar, well I had to get some (insert A LOT). Then I came home and thought I should catalog my rubber stamps in a book I can carry with me, just in case said sister takes me shopping again! Right? Right! Notice the tabs on the side. "Nerd" alert! :)
stamp catalog

Hence the blue fingers as I was cleaning the stamps with baby wipes to keep from getting up and down, up and down, to go to the sink.
So check back tomorrow. I'll have a few cards done and ready to share.

Happy Crafting,
Shirley G

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  1. Shirley, this made me laugh out loud !! The whole thing, from shoppong with your sister(enabler) to cleaning your stamps with baby wipes! I do love the idea of your stamp catalog... could you share pictures of the inside?
    Thanks for the link to feline playful! I will be entering SOMETHING this weekend!

    Hugs, Mindy


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