Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Has it really been seven months since I last posted? Ahh live has a way of changing all the time, doesn't? I don't have a new card to post. I hardly make them anymore, not because I don't want to but because I don't have the resources yet.
Let me bring you up to date on what's going on here...
My sister moved in with me in August,(that is a challenge in itself) neither of us have found a full time job. One of us will get a day here or there with a temp service but really not enough to live on. I am sitting at the local convenience store typing this up now, using the free wifi. I soooo miss my cable and internet at home.
I just got over a case of "cat scratch fever"...yes it really is an illness. I suffered for a week before I broke down and went to the doc. I was put on antibiotics and am now feeling better, not 100% good, but better. UGH, another bill to worry about.
My middle child had a baby (well his wife did) this November, so now I'm a grandma of two sweet looking girls. They both live up North, so I haven't met them yet. Sad...:(  Now I understand my oldest son's wife is prego with their second, due in April. A Boy! Yay!!!
My daughter and her husband still live in Alaska and loving it. They have really settled down to the "harsh" life up there. :)  She's making her own parka and working full time as well as going to school via internet! You go girl! :)
Well, I will try to post more often then seven months. Hope ya'll are doing well and prosper in the New Year.
OH yeah...I turn 50 in January.....FIFTY...can ya believe it!? LOL
Miss all my card friends.
Shirley G