Saturday, November 13, 2010

Valentine's Card, OWH Bloghop-November 2010

Hi, I'm Shirley. I'm fairly new to making cards, about a year now. And very new to blogging. But I am very excited about both.
You'll find more information on an AWESOME group I'm making cards for. It's called Operation Write Home, OWH for short.  They collect mine and many, many other talented card maker's cards and send those to our troops for their personal use to send home. It's give's me a warm and fuzzy feeling thinking I might have made someone smile with one of my cards. :)
Below is my Valentine's Card I made for the OWH Bloghop. The heart pattern is in the CardMaker Magazine, March 2010 issue. I have been very busy making more Valentine's cards since this one. I see pink and red hearts in my sleep. ha ha
Archway Cookies has pledged to match OWH Valentine cards collected by December 1st.  So now would be a great time to join our OWH family. However if you would like to send in Valentine's cards after this deadline please have them to a shipper by January 7th. You can find the nearest shipper here.
 From my blog you can  check out the next place.
OWH's deadline for Christmas cards has passed. So keep any Christmas cards you have made and didn't get sent out for personal use or next years shipment.
To help us help our Heroes I'm asking you VOTE at Jo Ann's, for Operation Write Home, so we can win the 1st prize. It's a contest that we are one of the top three winners. We'd like to be the top winner and with your help we can. The money won will be used to fund the vast amount of boxes sent to our Heroes. Thank you so much!

Friday, November 12, 2010

One of those days

Ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers up? Well, I'm there. I have a cat in a tree, she's been up there for 14 hours (at posting time). I have tried to entice her to come down, gotten lots of advice from various family members, and called & fretted over her for hours. She's my baby, so I'm upset about it. She is never outside all night! I tossed and turned and checked on her during the night.  I have an extended ladder up on the tree, but the tree is on a slight hill so I can't find the right area that I feel is safe to climb up to her. So now everything I touch seems worse or harder than it should! UGH

Gonna take a hot bath, then make a card or two and try to chill out! LOL Easier said than done for me. Maybe I shouldn't make a card...this post has taken me too long to type it out, due to various errors! ha ha

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Archway Cookies and OWH

Archway is going to match OWH one for one for all Valentine Cards OWH receives by December 1st. Archway will be sending the cookies to our troops to help brighten their holidays away from home.. Read all about it at OWH blog. This is just one of my Valentine cards I have made so far for OWH.
Please join this worthy cause. And now I must immerse myself in "love" that is!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thinking of you

I made this card for OWH for the mid-week challenge. The card is supposed to be "Thinking of you" using ribbon.  Well have a tiny piece of ribbon on my card! Does that count? :) Thanks to Mel J. for the awesome stamp,  giraffe digi stamp is from meljen. 

I love purple (after all I was and am a Donny Osmond fan) and purple with olive green just looked so good together, to me. Hope you enjoy the card as much as I did making it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

pop up

Oh my word, I was so excited to see the tutorial on the pop up card. Thank you Samantha. I soooo loved your card when I first saw it. Now I got to try my hand. The tutorial was easy to follow and understand. I like the way mine turned out and can't wait to make more and more pop-ups! Yay, a new thing!!

The only thing I would different is to NOT use foam squares on the inside message. It makes it "toadally" bulky.

Brick Wall Technique Card

The tutorial on OWH for this week was Brick Wall card..."looks easy enough", I thought! HA, for me it was a bit of a challenge. I trashed my first attempt. But the second one turned out okay. I still need to work on my technique. But I do like the look of this. Tell me what you think.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a Dog thing

I made this card for my boyfriend's Mom, Diane.  She has 3 dogs, two of which are males and into everything. George, her biggest dog, loves to play fetch over and over and over again. I don't think he ever tires of that game. You can not leave anything down that he can get into as he will and HAS chew it up.  Chico, her other male, is aggressive towards George. Chico gets blamed for a lot, some he did-others he didn't! I didn't know how to turn it after it was upload. Sorry you have to twist your head to see it! LOL


My daughter, Amanda, is 20 and in college in WI. Though she has lived in WI or MN all her life, I miss her all the time. As I do my sons (27 and 30), who also live up North. So I made this card in honor of all families that are far apart. It was fun, love the free digi I got online. The design is from Meljen, check out her website. Hope you like the card.

OWH Sketch 42

I'm trying two new things. One participating in the OWH sketch (42). I've wanted to do this before, but was unsure how to get my card to OWH website. Here goes....  And second new thing would be the actual posting of my card here and there!
It is Mickey Mouse, B'day...and who doesn't like MM!
Enjoy and let me know what you think of the card.

"See you later", as Mickey would say!