Friday, January 14, 2011

Blue fingers part 2

Well I'm no longer a "smurfette". After a couple hand washing and a bath I'm back to normal! :)
There was a request to show my stamp catalog book so I took a few pics and will post here.  First the book is a small on to fit in my purse. It's only 4x6 inches. I got it a book store on sale. Can't beat that. I have another one slightly larger to keep tabs on my craft spending. NOT sure I really want to do that, might make me think before purchasing again...and that isn't good for an addict! LOL

This is the first page. I just stamped each rubber or clear stamp I have onto the pages. I did try to organize them. Holidays, bugs/animals, sentiments, flowers/trees and Christmas. That is what I have thus for. Though I haven't cataloged the Christmas ones yet. I have a plastic shoe box of those and was bored with the cataloging. Another day. I did add enough pages in book for them.

A shot of the tabs I used to "organize" them in the book. Just good old office supplies.

And this is how I cataloged the markers I have. I listed the name, number is applicable and a tiny mark to show actual color. Some I have two of so I marked a (2) before the name/number of the marker. As you can see I must SHOP for more Copics. I have mostly Bic's as my budget isn't big!

Hope this helps and gives you some idea on what I did.

Happy Crafting,
 Shirley G

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  1. Thanks Shirley... this is a super idea that I think I may have to 'scraplift' !


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