Sunday, December 26, 2010


Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. Where do you get yours?  I used to just look at an item for what it was intended for. NOW, I look at everything as "can I use that on my cards?", or "wooo I'd love to copy that on a card", to "hey that would be awesome on a card...must remember!".  Of course half the time I do not remember an idea, unless I have a) just seen it and went right to my craft area, or b) wrote it down, in which case I find the notes, weeks later!
This is a card I made for OWH, deadline for Valentine cards is January 7th, 2011. So last couple crafting days I have been working only on V'day cards. Well, I got inspired by the oddest thing for this card. Now, don't was toilet paper! It's "quilted" in this pattern and I thought, "hey, that would be awesome on a V'day card" right to the craft area I went. You're laughing, aren't you! ha ha....I did.
Tell me what you think, was it a good inspiration?
My heart is yours
Happy Crafting,
Shirley G


  1. that is soooo cute!! what kind of adhesive did you use so it can't be seen through the toilet paper??

    I'm with you on looking at every little thing as a possible embellishment! and now thanks to you, i will never look at toilet paper the same!!

  2. haha...I actually didn't use the t/p but just the idea from it. But I have read how to use napkins and/or paper I guess t/p could be used

  3. hahaha!!! i'm glad i asked! i was getting ready to start cutting up and inking my toilet paper!!! (i'm still new at this!!!)

    very clever!!


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