Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anything *BUT* a card

 That is the challenge at Dude times currently (hurry, just a couple more days left). WELL I struggled with this challenge...what to make, how to make it?  I had ideas running thru my head but no direction. So I looked here and got way tooooo many ideas. I had to narrow it down and quickly, times a ticking.  Ahhh just what I was looking for! A box! This will hold 4.25x5.5 note cards and envelopes.
side view
 Then I had to find a BDD image I could use, Mike to the rescue.
Poor Mike, he's embarrassed
Mike is just a small time mechanic. He can't figure out what is wrong with your car. Uh oh, he's a little pink in the face, being embarrassed.  But he's such a friendly guy you can't be too mad at him.
As you can tell by his coveralls, he does work hard.  hmmm lady maybe there's really NOTHING wrong with your car! LOL

I had a lot of fun with this challenge, it certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. Still working on the note cards. Enjoy.

EDIT: The note cards will be two each of Grease Monkey Mike, Rough Night Rodney, Gift Bearer Gary. I thought some lucky lady can use the note cards to thank or say Hi to the men in her life.

Happy Crafting
Shirley G


  1. The box for your note cards is fantastic! I'm so glad you joined our challenge this week. It's always good to step outside our comfort zone and try new things. You've done a fantastic job!

    DTD Dudette

  2. FABULOUS project!!! Great idea and it's just wonderful.
    Thanks for playing along at Dude Time Doodles.

  3. Fantastic project Shirley! isn't it fun to step outside that comfort zone every now and then? Thanks for joining us at Dude Time Doodles.

  4. What a great project! You rocked the challenge! Thanks for joining us at DTD!

  5. Fabulous and notecards to boot. Great gift too. Thanks for joining the fun at DTD

  6. This is a fantastic project. Always useful and cards ready to go!
    Thanks for playing.


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