Friday, November 19, 2010

New facebook page

Hey all,
I have 4 new cards done and one other almost. I have a "helper" now, my little girl cat. She loves to lay on my desk, in my ribbon, on my computer, you name it, where ever I am working you can be sure she is there! And this is the one that was stuck up in the tree a couple days ago.
I will post the cards I made later.
But I did want to let you all know of my new facebook page. It is one I'm going to use with my daughter, who is an awesome Artist. NO I'm not just saying that, she really is. My older sister is also going to feature her needlework on the page. She is wonderful and fast at crocheting. Wait til you see her work.  I have put on some cards I would like to sell.The facebook name is Creative Designs by the Girls.
We will be opening in an Etsy store soon. Stay tune.
 Have a good night all.

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