Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kotzebue, AK

Well it has been a busy two weeks so far. I am MOVING!!! My daughter and son n law live in Kotzebue, AK and so I started asking questions on what it was like to live there and the job market, etc. Before you know it Amanda, my daughter, was sending me text and emails with job sites and current jobs to apply to. Then my Sam, s/l, got involved and had found me a cheap airline ticket. SOOOOO, yup I'm moving. I sold my Jeep, bought some winter clothes/shoes and started packing my stuff. I have packed all my card stuff and will ship it out this week. So, sadly, no card making for me for awhile. :) But for a good reason.
I'm excited about the move, (it will be great to live around my daughter) but scared and somewhat sad. I'm leaving my two cats with my sister (who moved in with me 6 months ago), I'm leaving a few good friends, but there is always SKYPE, right!?  Any who....again, it will be awhile before I post here. But I will try to get you some travel pictures and then some pictures of Kotzebue (did you know it is 16 degrees there today...brrr) as soon as I can!
Wish me luck on the job search!


Shirley G

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