Thursday, January 20, 2011

St. Jude cards

I saw on Collette's blog a post about making cards to send to St. Jude's for Valentine's. Well, I have been busy making cards just for that. Here I thought I was finished with Valentine's already! LOL  So far, this week, I have 14 cards completed, inside and out. I'll show you what's done and challenge you to match my numbers. :)
Really I couldn't say NO to the kids.

The cards are supposed to be no gender. But alas some of mine look more boyish than girlish and vice versa.
Lots of different sources for the images, the bears in the back left are E. Dulemba, The cupid and cat in front are from CDAC. The robot, I think, is from, as is the V.

The girl in the front and again the cupid is from CDAC. The girl/dog and the bee, I think, is from the free digital page, listed above.

Well that's all so far, again I challenge you.

Happy Crafting,
Shirley G

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  1. Shirley, They're wonderful and sure to spread smiles. :) e


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