Thursday, December 2, 2010


Where's my arms!? (seems like he might be saying)
 I know I should be making my Christmas cards for the VA....and I have for the most part.  But I had to share a couple pictures of my "boys"...that is my feline boys. They sure keep me smiling and laughing...yes even yelling from time to time

This is Howard in the pretty Christmas dress. In my defense I didn't put him in this dress, but I did laugh and grab the camera.
He looks so helpless and funny.
I asked him if he wanted "food" to get him to look at the camera  
These bottom two are Homer. He was a bad boy last night so I made him stay outside. It got pretty cold but he's a big guy so I figured he would be okay. He went out at 10ish and I let him in 5am or so. He "stalked" around inside a bit, making sure all was right in his "kingdom" and then he crashed.

he's so big he almost is falling out of the chair

awwww, sleep!

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